Eight Tips to Pass Your Driving Test

Posted by admin on January 18, 2019

Tips to pass your driving test

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To ease your driving test nerves and to give yourself the best driving test follow our driving test tips:

1. Find the good driving lessons Smethwick:

Find your most compatible driving instructors in Smethwick who is right for you when you learn driving lessons Smethwick., even before you start thinking about test. Choose an instructor whom you can trust and can work with you.   Also book a tester lesson and see how they work and move on if you are not comfortable with them.   Most probably you will spend  30 to 50 hours of time together so finding the right instructor will not only increase your chances of passing test at first time but also the amount of hours needed to prepare for test will also get reduced.

2. Be on time:

arrive your test centre 15 to 20 minutes earlier so you may get time to prepare yourself and by arriving late you may miss your class or will leave you feeling flustered. Also you need not wait too long. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress.

3. A lesson beforehand:

we also recommend you a lesson beforehand while taking our driving lessons Smethwick, that will help you calm your nerves and will help in the day of your test as it brings right frame of mind for driving. In this way you can come over any last minute clarification or last minute questions that may arise in your mind. Always look for more learning opportunities.

4. ‘Tell me’, ‘explain me’ ‘show me’ questions:

dream as if you are in driving seat and imagine questions and doubts and get it clarified and have an answer prepared already and get some practical knowledge. Ask questions like if the brake lights are working to make sure your head restraint protects you in the event of crash.

5. Practice. Practice and more practice:

more the practice of number of sessions, you will feel more comfortable in the driving test and practice as often as you can.

6. Check you have everything you need:

make sure you carry all the documents and your vehicle is up to the test standard and is properly equipped with necessary things and in one year thousands of driving tests fail in Smethwick because the candidate fails to bring everything needed on that particular day. You must also double check all the documents that you must take with you.

7. Driving test routes:

select your test centre and test the nearby routes beforehand as you may get confused or impossible to know where you are directed or you may face any hazards or heavy traffic flowing along the way.

8. Mock test:

Don’t book your test day when you might have other works like exams, family commitments, school functions, health check up on the same day. Before the official test day go through some online resources from DVSA to enable yourself to take tests. It consists of nearly 50 questions for practice and you may face nearly 100 questions while taking the live test. Make sure you give undivided attention to other things in your mind to ensure your chances of passing.