Driving Schools Smethwick – Failing your driving test first time makes you a better and best drivers in the long run

Posted by admin on February 1, 2019

As a new driver did you have any bumpy start?  In Smethwick the  driving  test pass rates have increased and showing lot of improvements than usual and is a hot  topic  of  discussion  and  out of  all the driving centres in UK, our driving schools Smethwick had the biggest passing rate, so if you’re in Smethwick we’d say not it is the right time to take your  driving test in our driving school.  We all are humans and no one is 100%  and  of course  driving is  really hard  no matter how much confident you are.  Most of them have an extreme  nerve wrecking  experience  while learning  but are more likely to pass their tests in our driving schools Smethwick and there are plenty of different stories and most of them can recall their bad situations.

Driving Schools Smethwick – Passing your practical driving test…be a top performer in your town…

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It’s no wonder!!  Many  of  them  are  passing  their  driving  test  for  first  time…  we  have  to  deal with impatient  drivers as  well  as they are new drivers and venture out on the open roads.  It happens to fail your  test  while driving your car at first time.  You are already  not designed to  drive  a  car,  we take too many skills in a lifetime to practice. So pat on your back and just give yourself a short break. Actually you are getting good at driving and it’s common  in  our  lives  to  fail  at  something.   Our characters are best shaped when we fail in a driving test or an audition or any job interview.so we have discussed here about everyone  to  talk  about  their  failures,  anyone can share their experience so that other get your support and  things  on  which  can  improve  to  avoid  failing.   We think it’s a great  way if you have passed your driving test at first time because it is really hard to practice and face the battle with success that you have never done before. You exactly know what to expect if you are prepared for tests already.

Imagine if you’ve just passed your driving test and you’re cruising around the town, feeling damn pretty and  proud  of  your  achievement  and  find  when  your  biggest  driving  fear  happens.  Sitting idle at a junction when the traffic lights turn green,  you go to pull away and … then you’ve stalled.  Without your driving instructor nearby there to guide you through the situation,  then arises the panic as you struggle to restart your car and facing on how to deal with impatient drivers behind you.

It sounds familiar right?  In our  driving schools Smethwick.  We have put together this handy guide with everything and all necessary information you need to know about driving your car, passing your test and from why it happens to what to do when it next happens to you.

If you stall your car during your driving test it may not necessarily be registered as a fault but it depends on how you deal with it entirely and how you handle the situation and  how  it makes an impact on other road users.  If you stall  the  car  repeatedly  and  more often than usual then it is likely to be marked as a fault, so it’s important to consider and make sure you calmly restart the car as per the above procedure.

Whilst you’re  learning  to  drive  car for the first time and if you are bound to stall your car several times, still you can learn more  about how a car works.   It’s during your driving lessons in Smethwick,  you should build  your  experience  in  car driving  and  learn how to deal with a car stall quickly and safely. If your driving  test  is  upcoming,  it might  be worth  to ask your  instructor  to  help you deal with all basic procedures  and  faults if you haven’t yet experienced  while learning what happens and what you need to do if so and so error happens.

The change in the law is a complete turnaround from the traditional previous rules,   which prevented all learner drivers to enter the motorway  until they had  successfully  passed their driving test.  Now learner drivers can take their driving lessons in Smethwick onto the motorway,  but what are the restrictions and rules in driving tests.

Although new  rules has  been  introduced,  it is not a  compulsory  part of  learning to drive in motorway and  is  not  going  to  become  part of one’s  driving  test.  The  change has been  introduced  to allow new learner drivers to experience motorway driving under the safe guidance of a qualified professional at our driving school in Smethwick.

By allowing learner drivers and new learners to  experience  a  motorway  environment  before  they  take their first driving test we hope that  they’ll gain a broader driving schools Smethwick.  With valuable experience under their  belt of driving  at  high  speeds,   using  lanes  correctly  and  overtaking,   learner drivers and pupils should build their confidence for future scenarios.

It is solely down to any driving instructors Smethwick  to  determine  whether  or  not  they  believe their  pupil  is  ready.   Whilst we   believe the   above  reasons  are  positive  for  learner  drivers,   driving instructor’s also must show due diligence for the safety of themselves, all other road users, and the pupil. We  have  informed  all  of  our  driving instructors  in  our  driving schools Smethwick  to  only  take trained pupils  who  display  confident,  competent drivers and  who has done safe driving during normal regular driving lessons before taking them onto any motorway.

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Before you can take your practical driving test on any particular time you must have already passed your Theory  Test.  This  formal process  can  somewhat  put  some  new  learners  off.  As  a  driving schools Smethwick  we  are often  asked a lot of questions about the theory test.  It can strike fear into the most confident learner drivers.  To help you prepare we have put this theory test guide together with our other driving lessons. It covers everything you need to know before taking your theory test.

They will also  assess you by  your  driving  skills  are,  acceleration,  analyzing  one’s  speed,  braking and cornering during  your  study and tests.  It’s a blessing for new drivers  to show all these  factors and they can  secure  a  good  score  to  pass  their test.  It’s necessary  to  crack  your  test  with confidence and it’s necessary to pass your test straight away for first time as it is  a  badge  of  honour.   It’s here we highlight the fact that one who pass their test in first time itself are better drivers and  those who have faced lots of failures   and   by   spending   more   time   in   learning  their  mistakes  thereby  benefitting  and  gaining experience behind the wheels are really the best drivers.

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