Why we choose Automatic Car Driving?

Posted by admin on January 14, 2019

One of the primary choices you need to make when choosing book best driving lessons in Smethwick about how to drive is whether to learn in a manual or automatic car. Here are a few reasons to consider to enable you to choose.

First time driver

Manual cars are considered being tough to use for first-time drivers. Unlike automatic vehicles that are genuinely clear to work,  driving cars with manual transmissions involves changing gears  and  working a clutch,   requiring greater concentration and coordination.  For inexperienced drivers,  stalling in a stop is a common occurrence in manual cars because of the lack of practice in coordination. Not only is a manual car a hassle for the cars behind  you, it also poses a collision risk.

The Cost of Motoring

Although automatic car  is without a doubt costly. The expense to support and fix  Automatic cars  are more costly than manual cars.  Insurance premium and repair cost are also higher than manual.

No switching gear

When you figure out how to drive with automatic driving instructors Smithwick,   there’s a  great  deal  to consider, including becoming more acquainted with your way around the vehicle’s controls.When you’re driving automatic car, you don’t need to stress over switching gear as the car will do this for you.


Disabled driver

If you have any sort of disability an automatic car would be best option. As it is not recommended with severe disability to drive manual car. Book best driving lessons in Smithwick where our experienced instructor will guide you throughout.

Driving Instructors Smethwick

Easier to use in heavy traffic to book best driving lessons in Smethwick

Automatic cars are easier to use in rush hour gridlock. As no switching gear ,it allows you more time to focus on road ahead. Although drivers can easily get the hang of coordinating the shifting of gears and working a clutch, cars with an automatic transmission are still considerably easier to use.