12 Tips for driving in the snow

Posted by admin on January 15, 2019

It is crucial itself to prepare yourself to drive in snow, at driving schools in Smethwick as driving in snow conditions is a real challenge for all drivers and it may also lead to accident. It is always worth to know how to prepare yourself and your car to drive in adverse conditions. Our driving schools in Smethwick teaches how to approach different difficult situations and take few things into consideration before driving in snow.

To make your journey safer we have a short and informative things to be considered and our driving schools in Smethwick had provided you with few tips: REMEMBER:


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  1.  Plan your journey before you set off and get updates on traffic news and local weather to ensure you are not caught out of driving schools in Smethwick.
  2. You need to prior your time to allow clearing the windscreen, car windows, lights, mirrors, and the top of roof of snow before you set off. These kind of checks are time consuming and it is illegal to drive in snow without full visibility through all of your windows.
  3. Its good idea to carry your lock de-icer to clear your locks if get frozen. You can also try warming the key or spraying an oil-based lubricant or de-icer into the lock.
  4. Please ensure your wipers are in good working order and make sure any auto wipers are switched off before turning on the ignition as it would away the wiper control fuse. Make sure you are able to clean your windscreen effectively.
  5. Check your tyres as poor tyres will not grip on ice and snow while driving. If you are living in an area where snow is too common then it is worth to change your tyres to winter tyres with deeper tread to grip on snow. If you face situations or bad conditions you should also take into consideration the use of snow chains and snow socks.
  6. Use a good quality screen wash and keep checking your windscreen wipers to prevent water from freezing. Otherwise, in extreme conditions your windscreen wipers would be rendered useless.
  7. Ensure that your car is equipped with a torch, a blanket to keep warm, demisting pad, de-icer, spare screen wash, shovel, blanket, first aid kit, map, carpet, spade, phone charger, some food and drinks so that in case of any break down you can get things easily in your car. Also store your breakdown provider phone number and most importantly carry your fully charged mobile phone so in case you need help you can always call them.
  8. Use your dipped headlights while driving in heavy snow. Don’t always rely on daytime running lights.
  9. Accelerate gently and maintain the constant right speed and safe stopping and maintain proper distance between you and the car in front of you. Provide extra gap than it is recommended usually.
  10. Wear dry and comfortable footwear.
  11. All the controls such as gear, accelerator, steering, as well as brakes must be operated slowly and smoothly.
  12. Have an awareness to drive in open spaces and make sure your car is clean and you must clean your car regularly as the salts used to de-ice roads can cause car corrosion over a period of time. So throughout winter months its worth to clean your car regularly.

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